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Facelift 33rd Anniversary

High Times Newsletter October 2010

In this months High Times Newsletter we take a look at the new Niftylift HR21 Hybrid All Wheel Drive Platform, one of a new generation setting the standard for operator safety and environmental best practice. There’s a FREE PPE Kit Offer - includes a full body safety harness, a hard hat and hi vis vest - given away with every hire until the end of the year on all orders over £500. Have you seen the content in the Health and Safety section of our web site? We highlight this and other useful features and content that you may not have come across.

  FREE PPE Safety Kit

We'll give you a FREE set of PPE safety equipment from now till the end of the year on all individual hire orders with a value of £500 or greater. Safety kit includes full body safety harness with restraint lanyard, hard hat and hi vis work vest. Contact your local depot to take advantage of this offer and mention High Times Offer when booking. More details

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PPE Safety kit being used
  Clean, Green, Smart and Safe, the New Nifty HR21 Hybrid AWD shows what it can do at the London Transport Museum in Covent Garden, its versatile AWD, combined with a compact and low-weight design delivers outstanding access performance. On Diesel, the Hybrid utilises its electric motor to boost power, and reduces fuel use by up to 40%. The HR21 Hybrid AWD also operate on battery alone, making it ideal for indoor, quiet or clean applications. More...
Nifty Heightrider Hybrid
  Download Health and Safety guidance

Safety is at the heart of everything we do, you'll find the latest health and safety publications and guidances free to download.

Facelift Health and Safety

Health & Safety Guide
  In need of ladder training?
Our experienced instructors have been training people in the safe use of ladders and stepladders for many years now. Our one day comprehensive course provides successful delegates with a nationally recognised certification enabling them to safely use ladders and step ladders and to carry out, and document, periodic statutory inspections.
Facelift Ladder Training Courses

Don't risk it
Our Rogues Gallery has many examples of workers at height putting themselves and others at risk from injury, these are good examples of how not to do it...
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Ladder in use
  Did you come to our open day?

We've published a book on line that captures our 25th anniversay open day. There are more than 80 pages of images that record the days events: The tremendously fun It's a Knock Out competitions, the Exhibition Polo Match, the Stocks, Bouncy Castles and more.

It's a Knock Out photobook on Blurb
  Do something different in the middle of the night

The City of Brighton and Hove are hosting an all night cultural arts festival to mark the end of British Summer Time, when clocks go back an hour, on the 30th of October.

The event runs through the night from 6 in the evening till 7 in the morning.

More information about the event here

White Night Festival